History of Nepal Horticulture Society (NHS)

The initiation of the establishment of NHS dates back to sixties when Indian Cooperative Mission was working in Nepal. The constitution was drafted and ad-hoc committee was formed, however, the then political system did not encourage establishing it. After the restoration of democracy in 1990, the old endeavor was revived by some young horticulturists. The constitution was updated and first horticulture seminar passed the resolution to register it in Lalitpur District Administration Office. The responsibility was given to Mr. Indra Raj Pandey and the late Dr. Krishna Bahadur Shrestha. After a long to and from movement in CDO office Lalitpur the NHS was registered officially in Shravan 2047 (August, 1990). Since then it functioning well.

The society aims:

  • To enhance public awareness towards the importance of horticulture.

  • To promote and develop linkage with related national and international institutions/organizations/societies.

  • To advise governmental and non-governmental organizations in planning and execution of horticulture development programs.

  • To encourage and recognize professional horticulturists for their contribution and dedication in developing horticulture sector in the nation.

  • To create conducive environment for the development of horticulture in Nepal.

  • To develop a strong work ethics in horticulture.

  • Promote horticulture as an integral part of environmental conservation activity.

Major activities:

The society is involved mainly in following activities-

  •  Dissemination of technology through its various publications - Nepalese Horticulture (Journal), proceedings, newsletter in Nepali language is planned to publish in recent future.

  • Establishment of linkages with different agencies involved in horticulture for working jointly in horticulture sector.

  • Organization of seminars/workshops on horticulture.

  • Arrangements of awards and scholarships to encourage and recognize horticulturists.

  • Consultancy services.