Eligibility, application procedure and membership fee

Nepal Horticulture Society offers two types of membership- general and life. All the Nepali citizens involved in the development and promotion of horticulture will be eligible for both the types of membership. Please check the constituent of Nepal Horticulture Society Chapter 3 article 8 and its sub-articles for detail eligibility criteria. The interested applicant can download the application form available at our website, fill up accurately, deposit the membership fee at the bank account mentioned below and submit scanned copies of bank voucher and application form to nepalesehorticulture@gmail.com . The applicant will receive the confirmation email once his/her membership is approved. The life member will also receive a Life Membership Certificate from the executive board. On the meantime, the applicant can directly contact to the NHS executive board members for both the types of membership. For any quarries related to membership, please contact Chairperson/General Secretary/Secretary or mail to nepalesehorticulture@gmail.com .

Detail of bank account for membership fee deposition:

Account Name: Nepal Horticulture Society

Bank Name: Prabhu Bank Limited

Branch: Jawlakhel, Lalitpur

Account Number: 0030007511800064

Membership fee:

General membership fee: The general membership fee is NRS 400.00 (In words- four hundred only). It includes entry fee (NRS. 100.00) and annual fee (300.00). The general membership is valid for one year only. The general membership should be renewed annually.

Life membership fee- The life membership fee is NRS. 5000 (In words- five thousand). The life membership fee is one-time fee only.

Benefits of membership:

The Nepal Horticulture Society is the largest professional society of Nepalese Horticulturists. The society organizes various types of professional gatherings, meetings, seminars and symposium. Those meetings will provide private sector to expand their business relationship, professionals to build nexus for professional growth, research collaboration and farmers to reach out to the professionals and private sectors. In addition, the life and general members will receive e copy of Nepalese Horticulture journal.