Call for Manuscript

Dear Colleagues,
We are dedicated for enhancing the depth of Horticultural Science knowledge across various disciplines through our journal, "Nepalese Horticulture." Our goal is to expand the understanding of this subject matter.
Our journal covers a wide range of topics within Horticultural Science, including production techniques, physiology, disease/pest management, genetics, breeding, biotechnology, and the socioeconomic aspects of horticultural crops. We enthusiastically welcome manuscript submissions that meet our criteria for significance and scientific excellence. We publish original articles, short communications, and invited critical reviews based on both basic and applied research.
To submit your manuscript(s) for publication in upcoming issue (Volume 17), please send them to by the deadline of August 15th, 2023. Each submitted manuscript will undergo a peer review process by at least two reviewers who specialize in the relevant field. We value timely and fair evaluations by qualified reviewers. Accepted submissions are typically published in the next issue. For guidelines on authorship and other details, please visit our website at
Once published, your paper will be accessible on NepJol and our journal's website at
We warmly welcome all your submissions and hope you will consider "Nepalese Horticulture" for your next research contribution.
Best regards,
Puspa Raj Poudel, PhD
Nepalese Horticulture Journal