Bidhya Pandey, Yam Kumari Shrestha and
Drona Raj Kafle


Women are the key player in the development of horticultural crop in Nepal. They are mainly involved in vegetable production. Floriculture is also a part of their life for religious purpose. Their participation in fruit farming is also at remarkable level. From recent past, horticultural crops are commercialized and converted as cash crops. Many governmental as well as non-governmental organizations have implemented income generation programs through commercialization of horticultural crops targeting women. Floriculture is lead by private sector where women’s involvement is visible. There is very few data available about women’s involvement in horticulture sector. However, Ministry of Agricultural Development (MoAD) record shows that 44.1 % women are engaged in vegetable, potato and spice production.47.7 % in fruit farming and 34.6 % are involved in youth targeted commercial vegetable production program. In addition, Floriculture Association of Nepal (FAN) shows that women’s contributions in floriculture constitute more than 60 % and similar record found in tea sector as well. Their participation in coffee production has reached to 45% (CoPP).

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Horticulture in last 6 decades