Value chain analysis of carrot seed production in Jumla

B.P. Chaulagain, D.M. Pokhrel and P. R. Rawat



Carrot seed production is emerging enterprise in Jumla district. The average production of carrot seed in the district is 1100 kg/year with an average productivity of 35-40 kg per ropani4 and 388 households involved in the enterprise. The study aimed to analyze the value chain of carrot seed businesses in Jumla that covered value chain mapping and assessment of actors in the chain in terms of production and marketing activities. Many governmental and nongovernmental service providers are involved in promotion of carrot seed production. Problems associated with technology delivery in production and post harvest operation, organization of small producers into groups or cooperatives and their sustenance, infrastructure and market facilities development, training of various actors in the value chain, research and development, vertical networking in the value chain are identified. Congenial policies on production and marketing of carrot seeds are needed to augment income generation in marginalized and poor communities.

Published Year

Volume 9

Issue 1