Status of Sweet Orange (Junar) Production in Sindhuli District of Nepal

D. Adhikari M Sc Ag and D. B. Rayamajhi M Sc Ag



Junar (Citrus sinensis) is important cash generating fruit crop in Sindhuli district. The survey was conducted in junar growing VDCs of Sindhuli district during Aug.-Sept. 2011. Semi-structured questionnaire was used to interview the junar growers and key informants. This survey report highlights the status of junar cultivation and postharvest management of in Sindhuli district. From the study, it was found that in Sindhuli district junar is grown in 45 Village Development Committees with 1077.5 ha. total and 565.5 ha fruit bearing area.The total production of junar was 6868.25 mt. Out of total production 5-25 % junar was used as home consumption and rest was sold in the market. Nearly 15 % of junar that reached market was used for processing and rest was consumed as fresh fruit.

Published Year

Volume 9

Issue 1