Standardization of Optimum Time and Spacing for Transplanting of True Potato Seed Seedling At Khumaltar Condition

Ram Chandra Adhikari
Potato Research Program, NARC, Khumaltar, Lalitpur



This experiment was conducted in two consecutive spring seasons of 2001 and 2002 at khumaltaar, Lalitpur (1350 m als.) under rice potato cropping pattern. The experiment was conducted using split plot design with three replications. The seedlings of TPS family HPS II/67 were evaluated on three different transplanting dates at 15 days interval and four inter row spacing. The highest plant population (60 cm X 15cm) produced statistically highest tuber yield. In late transplanted seedling, short plant height and poor canopy cover (poor vegetative growth) occurred accompanied by lower tuber yield. In terms of tuber yield the first transplanting date 13 February and plant spacing of 60 cm X 15 cm were the most appropriate under mid hills, such as Kathmandu valley.

Published Year

Volume 5

Issue 1