Shelf-Life and Quality of Cauliflower(Brassica Oleracea L. Var Botrytis) as Affected by the Type of Polymeric Films and Duration of Modified Atmosphere Packaging

R.K. Adhikari,D.D. Dhakal,D.M. Gautam,R.B. Thapa,K.M Tripathi,A.L. Acedo Jr.,W. Easdown,
J.A. Hughes & J.D.H. Keatinge



A post-harvest study was conducted during Jan-Feb 2015 in horticulture laboratory at Agriculture and Forestry University(AFU),Chitwan to find out the effect of different polymeric films and time of Modified Atmosphere Packaging(MAP) on shelf life and quality of cauliflowers at ambient room condition(17.4± 3.50C and 76± 17% RH).The experiment was laid in two factorial Complete Block Design(CBD).Ten heads per package of freshly harvested cauliflowers var.”Show Mystique” were sealed airtight for2 and 5 days inside Low Density Polyethylene(LDPE) films of 25µ and 50µ thickness; Polypropylene(PP) films of 25µ and 50µ thickness;cling wrap film and without packaging(control).Temperature and relative humidity of the storage room,weight loss,browning,freshness,shelf life,over all acceptability of curds were the parameters observed.Holding cauliflower for two days in 25µ LDPE and 25µ PP films;and in cling wrap were better among all treatments to maintain freshness and overall acceptability of curds.Holding for five days both in LDPE and PP had negative effect on the quality and storability of cauliflowers.Keeping longer period in MAP resulted browning,fermented odour and rotting in cauliflowers.LDPE was more suitable for MAP as compared as compared go PP film.Based on this study,25µ LDPE film is found appropriate MAP technology for holding cauliflowers up to two days for transporting from one place to another and for temporary retail storage under ambient room condition.

Keywords:Browning,low density polyethylene,post-harvest quality,polypropylene,Snow Mystique.

Published Year

Volume 13

Issue 1