Response of Pole type French Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) Genotypes to Sowing Dates in the Mid Hills of Western Nepal

Y.R. Pandey*, D.M. gautam3, R.B. Thapa3, M.D. sharma3 and K.P. Paudyal4


Three bush-type French bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) genotypes (Arka Komal, Arka Suvidha and Mallika) were sown In different three dates i.e., August 16,31 and September 15 during autumn seasons of 2010 and 2011 at the Agriculture Research Station, Malepatan, Pokhara (848 msl) to assess he fresh pod yield and yield attributes of the genotypes in different sowing dates. The experiment was conducted in randomized complete block design with three replications. The temperature ranged from 140 to 320C during the growth period. The results showed significant variations in fresh pod yield and yield attributes. Flowering was earliest in Arka Komal where 50% plants Flowered within 32.83 days while it took more than 35.70 days for Mallika. Tallest plants were produced by Arka Komal (33.93 cm) and shortest by Mallika (31.08 cm). The pod length was highest (12.67 cm) in Arka Suvidha and the lowest in Mallika (9.31 cm). Pod width was highest in Arka Komal (10.79 mm) and the lowest in Mallika (9.31 mm). Number of branches, nodes/plant and flower buds/inflorescence were recorded highest in Arka Komal at 7.43, 27.04 and 5.12 respectively. Highest Fresh pod yield was produced by Arka Suvidha (10.75 t/ha) followed by Arka Komal (10.17 t/ha) and the lowest by Mallika (6.88 t/ha). Sowing date also showed significant effect on yield and yield attributes. Sowing on l6 August showed better results in early Flowering (33. 11 days), tallest plants (35.99 cm), longest pods (12.56 cm) and widest pods (11.25 mm). Highest number of branches, nodes/plant and flower buds/inflorescence were recorded in 16 August sown condition at 7.40, 27.81 and 5.26 respectively. The highest fresh pod yield (11.16 t/ha) was recorded in 16
August sowing followed by 31 August (10.19 t/ha) and the lowest (6.45 t/ha) in 15 September sown condition. Arka Suvidha sown on 16 August produced the highest fresh pod yield with an average of 13.08 t/ha. The result revealed that Arka Suvidha is the best genotype and mid August is the appropriate sowing time for higher fresh pod yield of French bean in the mid hills of western Nepal.

Keywords: French bean, bush type, genotypes, sowing dates, fresh pod yield

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