Present Status of Potato Production and Its Potentiality in Nepal

S.P. Dhakal*1 and H.B. KC2
1Seed Potato Specialist and 2Chief,National Center for Potato, MoALD, Nepal


Potato is an important crop in Nepal,which plays an important role in country’s food security and poverty alleviation.Due to its short vegetative cycle and high cash value,it has significance in food security and cash generation.In spite of its significance in the country,the productivity of this crop is far below to its potentiality compared to the neighboring countries.Poor availability of quality seed potato and proper variety is the major limiting factor accompanied by the appropriate production technology for different agro-ecological zone of the country.National Potato Research Programme(NPRP) and National Center for Potato,Vegetable and Spice crops Development (NCPVSD) are in function with the objectives of generating suitable and stable appropriate technologies, and disseminate them to increase the production and productivity.Since the establishment of these two programs, tremendous progresses have been made.However,this paper reviews the present status of potato in Nepal and attempts to assess its prospects.

Keywords:potato,pre-basic seed, true potato seed, tissue culture, rustic store

Published Year

Proceeding Volume 10