Poverty Reduction Through Horticulture Development by Generating Income for the Poor

G. K. Shrestha1 and G. P. Shrestha2


Horticultural crops are high value crops. The climatic diversities and different ecological zones in Nepal give ample scope for growing various fruits, vegetables, ornamental plants and spices. Growing horticultural crop means increasing per unit land income of Nepalese farmers. Many of the horticultural occupations generate a substantial income, which could help to alleviate rural as well as urban poverty in this country. Some specific horticultural activities that generate income are briefly discussed. Presented here are also a few successful cases of farmers in gene rating incomes from horticultural enterprises. The income generated through this sector can directly or indirectly contribute to the HMG's poverty alleviation campaign. To address the poverty reduction issues through income generation from horticultural entrepreneurship, some conclusions and recommendation have been drawn.

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Proceeding Volume 3