Postharvest Evaluation of Tomato Cultivars for Agri-Business

D. R. Bhattarai, H. N. Regmi and K. Budathoki
Horticulture Research Division, Khumaltar, Nepal Agricultural Research Council



An experiment was conducted during September to November 2004 at Horticulture Research Division, Khumaltar to evaluate the fruits of 15 tomato cultivars for their post-harvest shelf life and consumer acceptability. Among the cultivars maximum shelf life of 35 days was exhibited by N-162 under ambient condition (20 6⁰C and 75 5 % RH). Significantly higher (0.91 percent) titrable acidity was found in Rampur Sano. The maximum TSS (5.62⁰Brix) was found in cultivar Yashwant followed by Pusa Ruby (5. 25⁰Brix). Based on size, shape, colour, taste and freshness, N-162 had the highest degree of consumer acceptability followed by cultivars Bisesh and Santripti.

Published Year

Volume 5

Issue 1