Performance of Tomato Varieties in Tunnel House and Efficacy of Different Treatments for Root Knot Nematode Management

R. Simkhada and D. Pokharel



Four commercially available tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum, Mill) varieties: Srijana, Thims 1, Thims 16 and Bishesh were grown in Dhikurpokhari, Kaski to characterize their morpho-physiological traits and select the best variety for the hill condition to boost tomato yield in plastic house. Thims16 produced highest yield/plot (330 kg) followed by Sirjana (311 kg). The highest fruit weight was for Thims1 (78 g), and the lowest for Bishesh (31.8 g). TSS value was statistically similar (P>0.05) among the tomato varieties. Besides, this research was aimed to develop suitable management option to manage root knot nematodes (Meloidogyne spp.) grown under plastic house. Six types of treatments (mustard cake @ 50g, poultry manure @ 100g , ormicomin @ 50g, furadan 3G @ 1g and neemajin @ 1g per plant basis) with control were tested. Ormicomin was the most effective treatment, which resulted lowest score of nematode in both root and stem followed by poultry manure and Mustard cake. Neemajin and furadan showed lowest impact on reducing nematode score.

Published Year

Volume 9

Issue 1