Mobilization and Management of Resources for Horticulture Development in Nepal

Mr. I. R. Pandey1 and Mr. Rudra Devkota2


Agro-climate, flora-gentiles, human potency and the financial allocates are the flour major competent resources, which could have been mobilized and managed judicially, for the development of horticulture in Nepal. Despite the fact that the country has tremendous potentials for horticulture development, nothing tangible and substantial development could occur as the potentials largely remained untapped, mismanaged and misered.

Though, in the past some strategic policies and priorities were committed by HMG but not implemented appropriately and adequately. Without understanding the cause and effect of the actions properly, some projects were implemented to intervene the horticultural practices which proved fruitless and ended with minimal effect on sustainability and continuity.

Appropriate utilization of natural resources, efficient mobilization of human resources and judicial allocation of financial resources for horticultural development could lead the country in the path of progress and prosperity.

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