Major Insects and Disease of Carnation Cut Flower and Their Management in Nepal

D. Adhikari & U. Pun



Carnation is one of the most important cut flower in Nepal. It needs specific crop management and plant protection measures for production of quality cut flower. This study was conducted during rainy season in 2017 to assess the major insects and diseases of carnation cut flower by visiting the selected farms and using semi-structured questionnaire based survey and literature review. Mites, borers, thrips and leaf miners are the major insects of carnation cut flower followed by white fly and aphids. Similarly, rust, floral blight, die-back of branches and wilt are the major diseases of carnation cut flower. This study moreover illustrates the adopted management measures and available recommendations.
Keywords: Carnation, cut flower, disease, insect pest and management

Published Year

Volume 13

Issue 1