Pradip Maharjan, Keshab Adhikari and
Bom Bahadur Thapa


Trade of horticulture products in the world is growing every year because of the increasing demand to feed the growing population and the also change in the food habit of the people. Nepal being situated in between the two giant nations of the world China and India. It has ample opportunity to produce any horticulture products produced in the world in having the similar topography and climatic zones in the globe. It has made an ample opportunity in export trade of the horticulture products. However, still country not been able to harness this opportunity because of the low level of production and less ability in compliance to the emerging quality concerns of the neighbouring countries and world markets. It has been observed from the current growth pattern and the endeavours made by the government and the private sector in Nepal. There still needs to put more efforts in increase in production and trading capacity. The capacity in production at larger scale and enhance the capacity of the farming community and the agro enterprises in the country is still in low pace. It requires further efforts to enhance the capacity of the farming community to be involved in the commercial scale production of the horticulture products and at the same time attract more private sector investment in agriculture by revisiting the laws and regulations and attract Foreign Direct Investment in agro processing business is required to grab the opportunities in horticulture trade. There still lacks implementation of developed Agribusiness Promotion Policy and Agriculture Policy in Nepal to facilitate much needed growth of agriculture business in Nepal.

Published Year

Horticulture in last 6 decades