Efficacy of Fungicides to Control Phyllosticta Leaf Spot of Ginger,Yield Loss and it's Economic Analysis Under Mid Hills Conditions

B.P. Sharma and J.R. Aacharya
Potato Research Programme, Khumaltar
Ginger Research Programme. Kapurkot, Salyan



Phyllosticta leaf spot caused by Phyllosticta zingiberi Ramkr is one of the widely spread diseases of ginger ( Zingiber officinale Rosc.) occurring through the ginger growing areas of the country. An experiment was conducted during three consecutive years 1997-1999 to estimate the yield losses and select cost effective fungicide against the disease under south faced hills located at 1450 m s l at Kapurkot, salyan. Five fungicides i.e. Manozeb, Copperoxychloride, Carbendazin, Chlorothallonil and Bordeaux mixture were tested against leaf spot and compared with non-treated water sprayed plot. Highest efficacy was observed in Chlorothallonil with disease control 54 percent. No significant yield losses had been observed in control plot, during the experimental period. Results also showed that spraying of any fungicide up to the leaf spot severity of 47% was not found to be economical for a released ginger variety Kapurkot Aduwa-1 ( ZI-9721) under mid hill conditions of Nepal.

Published Year

Volume 5

Issue 1