Effect of Sowing Dates and Spacing of Hybrid True Potato Seed(TPS) Progenies on Yield of Seedling Tuber

S. P. Dhakal, D. D. Dhakal , S. M. Shakya and T. L. Lama
National Potato Development Program, DOA, Khumaltar
Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science, Rampur, Chitwan



The experiment was conducted to determine the effect of date of sowing, spacing and TPS progeny on seedling tuber production at Rampur, Nepal during 2001/02. Factorial split plot design was used considering three dates of sowing and three spacing as main plot factors, and two progenies as sub-plot factors. TPS sown on 28 October produced highest seedling tuber yield (3.9 kg/m2 ) followed by sown on 8 October (3.4 kg/m2) and lowest yield was observed in crop sown on 19 November (2.98 kgm2). The spacing of 15*4 and 25*4 cm produced similar yields (3.56 and 3.55kg/m2 respectively) and higher than spaced at 35*4 cm (3.17 kg/m2). Progeny HPS II/67 produced higher yield (3.57 kg/m2) than HPS 7/67 (3.29 kg/m2). The total numbers of tubers were highest in crop sown on 19 November (649 tubers/m2) and spaced at 15*4 cm (653 tubers/m2). Higher yield and number of very small (1-5 g) size tubers were obtained in crop sown on 19 November. The yield and number of small (5-10 g) size tubers were highest in crop sown on 28 October. The crop seeded on 8 October produced highest yield of medium (10-20 g) size of tubers, but it was not significant difference with 28 October sown crop. Highest yield of larger size of tubers were obtained TPS sown on 8 October. Similarly, the spacing of 15*4 cm produced highest yield of very small size tubers. Relatively higher yield of small size tubers in the spacing of 15*4 cm and medium size of tuber in 25*4 cm were recorded. Lowest yield of large size tubers were obtained in spacing of 15*4 cm. Significant difference was observed of progenies only on large size tubers. The crop seeded on 28 October spaced at 25*4 and 15*4 cm, and progeny HPS II/67 produced higher number and yield of small and medium size of tubers.

Published Year

Volume 5

Issue 1