Effect of Nitrogen and Boron on Growth and Yield of Kharif Onion(Allium cepa L.) CV.N-53

I.P. Gautam and N.C. Pande
Nepal Agricultural Research Council, Agriculture Research Station, Lumle, Nepal
Department of Horticulture, C.S. Azad University of Agriculture & Technology, Kanpur, India



Five levels of nitrogen viz; 0, 50, 100, 150 and 200 kg/ha and boron at the rate of 0 and 1.1 kg/ha was given as a soil application to Kharif onion cultivar N-53. Nitrogen nutrition in varying doses affected the vegetative growing attributes in onion plants. The number of leaves, its length and breadth was boosted to the maximum under 150, 200 and 100 kg/ha respectively. The size of bulb in terms of diameter and length was maximized when 100 N/ha was applied. The number of roots and bulb/green top ratio was noted to be greater under 100 kg N followed by 50 kg N/ha. Yield of onion was registered to 33.92 and 33.83 t/ha under N150 and N200 doses, respectively. Boron nutrition improved the vegetative growth of leaves and bulbs, bulb/green top ratio, number of roots and yield of Kharif onion as compared to control. Interaction of the nutrients further increased the growth and yields attributes of Kharif onion.

Published Year

Volume 5

Issue 1