Changes in Dry Matter,Oleoresin and Bioactive Components during Ripening of Different Chilli Pepper Cultivars of Nepal

U. Subedi,R. Karki,P. Ojha & S.L. Shrestha



The interest in the consumption of chilli pepper fruits(Capsicum annum L.) is,to large extent,due to its content of bioactive compounds and their importance as dietary antioxidants.In the present study,the effects of harvest time(based on maturity stage) on changes in polyphenol, flavonoid,ascorbic acid,beta carotene, total carotenoids,antioxidant activity,oleoresin and dry matter content in six different chilli pepper cultivars viz.;’HRD-CHI-009’,’HRD-CHI-010’,’HRD-CHI-012’,’HRD-CHI-014’,’Akabare’, and ‘Jire’ grown in Nepal were investigated.The results showed that concentration of bio-active components varied significantly among chilli pepper cultivars at both matured and fully ripened stages.With advanced maturation ascorbic acid,beta carotene,total carotenoids,and antioxidant content increased;however,polyphenol and flavonoid content decreased.Furthermore,oleoresin and dry matter content also increased with advanced maturation.Among the six different chilli cultivars used in this study,Akabare cultivar was the best cultivar from the aspect of flavonoid,polyphenol,beta carotene,and total carotenoids contents while,HRD-CHI-012 and HRD-CHI-009 were the best cultivars for ascorbic acid and dry matter contents,respectively.
Keywords:Antioxidants,Chilli pepper,Flavonoids,Maturity stages,Polyphenol

Published Year

Volume 13

Issue 1