Apple Production: Challenges and Prospects

Dr. M. Ranjit1 and G. P. Shrestha2


Apple development in Nepal was geared up only after 1960 with technical and financial support of Indian Aid Mission. Many cultivars have been introduced so far and some have adapted very well under Nepalese condition having Red Delicious a main leading apple cultivar. These Cultivars have been propagated and distributed throughout the country both by government as well as private sectors. As a result the area covered by apple and its production were increased dramatically since 1975 and the current production and productivity of apple are estimated at 28595t and 9.5 t/ha respectively.

It has been well established that apple production in Nepal has been very successful in dry temperate region in remote areas and has been considered as one of the high value priority commodities in the high hills. However, the commercialization of apple production has been challenged by infrastructure, physical and environmental, agronomic and technical support constraints. Provided these deficiencies are removed, there is a tremendous prospect of commercialization of apple industry in the country.

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