An Overview of Large Cardamom Sub-sector for the Improvement of Present Situation of Production, Processing and Marketing

M.B. Thapa & S. Dhimal



Large cardamom is an important exportable high value and low weight cash crop beneficial to all value chain actors of this sub-sector. Nepal trade integration strategy 2010 has identified this crop as major commodity for export. Nepal is the largest producer in the world and contributes more than 50% of international trade followed by India. National policy and other sectoral directives and regulations have emphasized for diversification, commercialization and promotion of this crop; but, in these days, various sort of production, processing and marketing constraints are being experienced by the value chain actors. In production side, there are problems of unguaranteed seed and seedlings, weak linkage of research and development, scarce water resources, poor orchard management, impracticable insurance system; infestation of disease: viral-chhirkey and foorkey; fungal-rhizome rot, wilt and rust; insect pests-leaf eating caterpillars, thrips and aphids; less use of proper technology and so on. In processing side, in 95% of the cases, drying is carried out by the farmers in traditional bhattis where quality variations are common. Both moisture level and taste are inconsistent among farmers. Furthermore, the use of inferior combustibles may provoke the occurrence of biphenyl and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons rendering the product unfit for export to international markets. Similarly, in marketing aspects though most of the constraints are external to the country but these may also be manifested internally, such as market access, market development, market diversification and export promotion. There is higher dependency on single market, India, where more than 90% the product is traded and the government has not yet opened straight route to third countries. Jogbani, Biratnagar is the only one trade outlet point till date. So, there is an urgent need for promulgation of a draft policy and formation of an autonomous body to address these constraints.

Keywords:  Large cardamom, sub-sector, cash crop, policy, autonomous, processing, trading

Published Year

Volume 13

Issue 1